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Sun, 04 Jun 2006

Me and Bruce went back to ride at Blanket's Creek on Saturday.
Bruce had to crouch down so he could fit into the picture. Or maybe he was stretching; I'm not sure. In the second photo he's modeling his new full-finger gloves.

We did a warm-up lap on Mosquito Flats. I think this picture is pretty good, for reaching around behind me with the cell phone to get a picture of Bruce about to pass me. Then we got to the start of the intermediate trail (Dwelling Loop?). It was Saturday, so we were going clockwise. Or maybe it was counter-clockwise. We just went the same way as everybody else.

So we were hammering along, and as we went over a particularly difficult log pile I saw what looked like a long black hose moving on the side of trail. Slithering, actually. So we stopped and got a good look at what Bruce said was an Eastern King Snake. He claimed it was harmless, so I let him take the camera and get some more pictures of it. Amazingly, nobody was hurt. That was pretty much the high point of the ride. After that we finished the loop and got ready for that afternoon's Pine Lake hash.

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