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Sat, 03 Jun 2006

Today we ran with the Pine Lake hash.
Mostly because it was closer than the Atlanta hash. It was still fun. We got there and paid our hash cash, and then stood around talking. And loading the bag truck, etc. Then we got the chalk talk, with lots of scary warnings about poison ivy, and we were off.

The trail wound through the woods around Life College, and through the campus itself. It was very picturesque. At one point the trail crossed a river (by bridge) and the hare had been thoughtful enough to mark the best point to see the scenic vista. So I took a picture.

Then the trail kept going through the campus, and then along some long, straight highway. There were lots of used cars for sale. Did I mention it was straight? Eventually we ducked into another campus, some kind of Polytechnic school. By this time it was hot enough that I didn't get the full name. We hashed across that campus, and then onto another road (Hwy 42?). I want to thank the hare for keeping us out of all of that nasty shiggy we could see from the road, and allowing us to stay clean and dry up on the highway.

Eventually the trail ended at a pool in the Life College student housing. There was only one person in the pool when we got there. She was peacefully bobbing on a raft.

As soon as we arrived she jumped up and left. About eight minutes later the police arrived. Coincidence? Anyway, Snot Rag spent a long (long) time in conference with the officer. Eventually they seemed to reach an agreement that involved us removing all of the bottles from inside the fenced pool area. I can live with that. Then the officer left, never to return and check up on us. So we got back in the pool. I like the second photo; it's Little [something] Liquor Bitch, or L2B2 for short.

Then it was your basic circle of fear, followed by your basic hotdogs and hamburgers, followed by your basic drive home. That was fun. Oh, and here's the GPS track, proving conclusively that Snot Rag is a dirty liar, as I had a (mostly) on-trail distance of 4.75 miles, rather than the 3.5 that he claimed. But we all know never to trust the hare...

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