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Sun, 14 Jul 2013

I am getting close to solving my transmission cooler leak.
It has been perplexing. I put a 4l60E from a 1996 Caprice police car into a Jaguar XJS. Then I added transmission cooler lines from fourth gen Firebird. Now I must be remembering this wrong, but the fourth gen cooler lines would not fit the transmission, so I removed what I assumed were adapters from the transmission case and screwed the cooler lines directly into the trans case. A year or so later when I fired up the engine, the cooler lines leaked profusely at the case. After much internet research I figured out that the cooler lines used flare nut fittings, while the case has straight pipe threads. So I ordered these Be Cool fittings, which adapt between the two. The leak is now much reduced, but there are still drips. More internet research tells me that I need a copper crush washer between the hardline fitting and the adapter. Hopefully that will end the leak. Unless of course I cracked the case when I screwed the fittings in directly. But I don't think so.

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