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Thu, 26 Mar 2015

So I got a Suburban last month.
A 1998, which is the body style called GMT400. Supposedly only 69K miles on it. It's the K2500 model, which means it's 4 wheel drive, with the 3/4 ton axles. It's big.

Anyway, it has a few small issues to resolve. A new issue popped up last week, when the starter quit. At first I thought the battery was dead, but after we tried it a few times the solenoid finally worked, and it fired right up. So I pulled the starter and took it to Advance Auto, and sure enough their tester said it was bad.

I couldn't just buy the starter there, because you only get the big discounts if you buy online and then pick up in the store. So I went back home, found a coupon for 40% off the $119 price, and bought it. The nice thing about online purchase, besides the discount, is that when you go back in they have the part(s) all picked out and waiting for you. And when I went back it was in fact waiting for me. The counter lady pointed out that the new one didn't have the heat shield, so I took my old one home with me to swap it over, rather than turning it in then for the core charge.

So I got home, started to swap over the heat shield, and found that the bosses on the new starter for the heat shield screws were not tapped. I thought about going back to the parts store to see if maybe they had one that was tapped, but instead I got out the taps and did it myself. I had the heat shield on and the new starter mounted in about 20 minutes. Now it fires right up!
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