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Thu, 26 Mar 2015

More progess on the Jaguar
It has been sitting for around a year since I wrenched on it, but I now have regular access to the garage where it sits. I have been getting the garage back in shape, and evaluating the Jaguar. I hooked up the battery and tried starting it, but all I got was a strong smell of smoke and burning, so I stopped. I finally decided that I wasn't happy with the old harness. It is the orignal 1996 Caprice harness that I paid to have modified, which worked okay, but then I wanted to relocate the PCM, so I did a bunch more changes to it to lengthen and shorten various wires, and then I stopped working on it. So I'm not really sure what state it's in, and it's got many many solder splices in it, and I just wanted to start over. So I ordered a LT1 harness from PSI. This is the photo from their website. Looks pretty good, huh?

I pulled the old harness off the engine. I still need a couple of connectors and PCM pins from it. And you can see the uncovered engine, and the new harness.

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