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Thu, 01 Dec 2005

I've been seeing some interesting cars on the road.
The bizarre one appeared to be a convertible Honda CRX. I was stopped in traffic, idly looking at the funny-looking car ahead me, when I realized it had to be a convertible first-generation CRX. By the time I got the camera out, the light had changed and I didn't get a very good shot. But trust me, that's what it was.

Then the next day I saw something a little more reasonable. It was a Jeep Commando, parked next to my Jeep Cherokee. No, I didn't say Commander, I said Commando. It's a little two-door convertible made back in the late 60's. I've seen pictures, but never seen one in real life. It's a really basic car, with a column shifter. No AC. I don't remember if I saw a heater or 4x4. I'm guessing no 4x4. It looks like fun for driving around town, but not for a road trip.

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