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Tue, 20 Jun 2006

Okay, what the heck is this?
We were in traffic on 14th St in Atlanta yesterday, and I notice that the car ahead of us has a license plate that says "911 CIA". Now that's a little weird, but what made it really strange was the fact that it was a European plate. I've seen European plates (you know, much wider and shorter than a standard US plate) on cars before, but always in the front, like a souvenir, with a US plate in the back. To be specific, it was a Swedish plate. We could tell because it had the Swedish flag on it. At least that part made sense, because the car was a Volvo, which as we all know, is made in Sweden. There was also on Emory sticker, which didn't make any sense. Finally, the car was being driven by an attractive African-American woman, who was probably not from Sweden. I couldn't make head nor tail out of it, so I took a picture. Does anyone have an explanation?

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