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Sun, 03 Jun 2007

Ugly Betty rides again. On fresh water.
It was Darren's first time on the Betty, although he'd seen her before at the party a couple weeks ago. In the second shot, where he's looking up in awe, you can see me reflected in his sunglasses. You might need some image enhancement software, though.

We put in by the airport. That's mostly a jetski ramp, but we were able to squeeze in. There were lots of low bridges. You can see the first bridge we came to. It was too low for the Betty, so we turned off toward the Palm Beach canal. There were a couple skis coming up behind us.

We came to another bridge. This is Congress, and it's pretty high, so we had no trouble getting under. I don't know what the rusty trombone thing is. And the skis were back behind us, jumping the wake.

The next bridge was pretty low. We had to taunt Rob a lot to get him to go under it, but we made it. There was at least a foot or two of clearance. He wouldn't do the next bridge, at Military. We turned around there.

The Palm Beach canal runs by the airport, so we could see the tower from the canal on the way back. After we got back to the lake by the ramp, all the skis had fun jumping the wake.

We had a little trouble getting Betty back on the trailer and out of the water, but we got 'er done.

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