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Sun, 15 Apr 2007

We went back out on the boat yesterday.
The seas were a lot higher than last time, 2-4 feet, with 15 mph winds out of the southeast. This time we went out of the Boynton Inlet, after launching at the Boynton Inlet Boat Club Park. I hadn't been there before. It cost us $10, but it's right by the inlet, so there's no 20 minute ride like there would be if we had launched at Lantana like we usually do.

I took a couple photos on the way from the boat ramp to the inlet, but once we hit the inlet I put the camera away and held on with both hands. It was pretty rough going out, but Rob kept the boat from rolling, or taking a wave over the transom. Thankfully he ran up to the wreck of the Loftus at a slow speed. Rob's friend Patrick had joined us, and had brought his spear guns. Patrick was ready to shoot something, and so was Rob, so both of them went right over the side once we had the anchor set (that was a little exciting). Rob's last words before he went over were "if you don't go in you're going to get seasick". Great. I hadn't even thought of that until he mentioned it, but suddenly I was feeling queasy. I rocked, rolled and pitched for about 20 minutes, and finally gave in and went over the side. I watched Rob and Patrick chase fish for a while, and finally swam in and sat on the beach. Eventually I saw them get back on the boat, so I swam out and we pulled up the anchor. We all knew it was going to be a challenge getting back in the inlet, but Rob did a great job, surfing us all the way on on the backside of a wave. We recovered the boat, took it home and cleaned it up. Then I had to clean out a filthy apartment, but that's another story.

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