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Mon, 19 Jun 2006

I got to play some competitive ultimate last week.
Okay, it wasn't real competitive, but at least it was for points. I was at Grant field, to watch Lisa and Holly's summer league play. The team is called 420. I threw with Lisa some, to warm her up, and then took my seat in the folding chair. And then it happened: Jen, the team captain walked over and said, "We're one person short -- can you play?". Could I play? It was just like that time at Joe Robbie Stadium when Dan Marino got hurt and they made that announcement saying, "Will Dave Wilson please report to the locker room?", and I had to suit up and go in.

Anyway, I played the first four points, and the guy I was covering never touched the disc. I followed my usual rule of "cover the guy with the most hair". The first player had a red afro like Napoleon Dynamite, and just floated around the disc looking for a pass, *which he never got*. They second guy had a ponytail and beard, and might as well have been wearing sandals. I shut him down, while wearing boat shoes. And then more 420 players arrived, and it was time to go sit down and drink beer and cheer. Which was fun, too.

So 420 won both of their games, which lifted them above .500 for the season. Then we went to see Ferris Bueller's Day Off, at Screen on the Green, with 6000 of our closest (and I do mean closest) friends.

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