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Thu, 12 Jan 2006

Linda successfully avoided the booby trap in the bathroom.
I saw a lightstick trip flare on eBay recently. This seems to be the modern version of the old army trip flares. Those were simple devices you would put around the perimeter to secure the area. You nail the trip flare to a tree, and run a string from the trip flare across a possible avenue of approach, and tie off the string to another tree. When the incoming bad guy bumps into the string, the device fires the flare up in the air to let you know that someone is out there. This version simply replaces the pyrotechnic flare with a lightstick. It's a simple stamped steel device. It comes complete with string, one lightstick, and staples and wire to secure it a tree.

So I had to try it out. Late last night I taped it under the bathroom sink, and ran the string to the bathroom door handle. This morning it was still unfired! I asked Linda about it, and she said that she had felt some resistance when she began to open the bathroom door, and had stopped. Then she saw the string. So she disarmed it. I was impressed. I think she is booby-trap-proof. Maybe I can put some out in the yard to scare off the neighborhood kids. And those cats.

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