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Tue, 03 Jan 2006

I built a shed in the backyard during Christmas vacation.
Well, technically I assembled a shed in the backyard, since it was a Big Max plastic shed from Rubbermaid, and it came in a big cardboard box. Okay, two cardboard boxes.

First we had to clear a spot for the shed. So I pulled down the last of the rotting cabinets in the carport, and loaded them and quite a bit of other junk into a utility trailer, and hauled the whole collection off to the dump. I love going to the dump. Here's an action sequence where you see me selecting the next item to be hurled from the trailer, then holding it high over my head, and then actually hurling the (different) item into the dumpster. The item in the third photo is a completely hardened bag of cement.

Then it was time to errect the new shed. The instructions made it look so easy, and the printing on the box said that the shed would go up in an hour. If I had to give a one-sentence review of this shed it would be: "One hour my ass". It finally went up, but it took closer to six hours. You can see the roomy expanse inside (7' x 7'). I think I could actually live in there, if I had to. Of course, it's now packed full of all the junk I took out of the carport, but at least the carport's empty. Yay.

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