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Sun, 22 Jan 2006

I ran the Race for the Cure yesterday, in 27:05.
That's a pretty good time for me, but there's still lots of room for improvement. The event was really big and well-organized. I rode my bike down there, and pulled up at the bicycle valet area, run by the Safe Bicycling Coalition. They parked my bike and gave me a claim check, and I tipped them a buck. The amphitheater was already filling up. I saw Tim there. He said he was going to walk.

I picked up my ChampionChip and ambled over toward the starting line, where I ran into Bill, who I hadn't seen since Steve and Margey's wedding. And CA, and a bunch of other hashers. There was a whole bunch of other runners there as well.

The race itself was uneventful. I did grab a cup of water, but I didn't stop. I varied between an 8:00-9:00 minute pace. I think with more training I can cut my time significantly. There were spectators and cheering throngs everywhere. There was a group of hashers near the finish line, including Linda.

The finish line group wandered up onto the side of the amphitheater for some post-race beers and bagels. We watched the walkers leave for their event, and graded their technique. Drib was there, and his little dog, too. The little guy was content to ride in a bag for while, but eventually he insisted on being on the ground. Eventually we broke up and went home, but not before making plans to see Sunday's playoff games. Oh, and on the way home my bike tried to kill me, but I think I mentioned that already.

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