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Mon, 05 Dec 2005

I did the Palm Beach Half Marathon today.
I had a lot of fun at the Atlanta Half over Thanksgiving, and there was a marathon starting a couple miles from my house, so what else could I do? This one started at 6:30 am, half an hour earlier than Atlanta. I got a shot looking forward just after we crossed the starting line. I was a little slower this time -- I finished in 2:19, instead of the 2:09 of Atlanta. About mile ten I met Chuck Harab from Maryland. He was going slower than usual, so we decided to finish together. But about half a mile from the finish I slowed down, and Chuck went on by himself. The weird part is that when I looked at the results Chuck finished in 2:20. Did he stop and did I pass him without seeing him? I hope you find this with a Google, Chuck. The after-race spot was the Meyer Amphitheater.

After I recovered I walked over to mile 21, where the hash was doing a beer stop. AI had gone to trouble of making a sign, setting up a card table, and supplying the beer. We must have looked official, since none of the police motorcycles or cars buzzing past stopped to ask what we were doing. Of course, some of the hashers (like SN) were holding back some of the beer for themselves.

We got to cheer for all of the hashers who were running the full marathon. Brent came through, and so did Leslie. She was running with a guy in a tutu who was carrying a wand. No explanation given. All of the hashers had a beer, and so did a lot of the other runners. I estimate 10%. Once things wrapped up there AI set a two mile trail that ended at my house. Much singing and beer drinking ensued.

I did pick up a flyer for the Miami Marathon, on January 29. Naaaaah...

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