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Sun, 16 Apr 2006

The annual Race For The Arts 5K run was yesterday morning.
Linda is heavily involved as the webmaster, and has other duties as well. I hadn't pre-registered, so I rode my bike down to get there by 6:45 am so I could pay my $25. Linda was gettting her school's artwork up. The amphitheater was still mostly empty.

I helped Brent set up a few tables. Dean was open for business at the soda stand. And TJ was getting ready to race. Pretty soon we crowded up to the start line.

The tension mounted, and then we were off. I didn't get any photos of the race itself. I ran an easy race, next to Mark. I was a little slower than I was in the Race for the Cure, but I felt a whole lot better.

Afterward we listened to the music for a while. Kit recovered on the curb. And I saw GD for the first time since the InterBash. The IHOP was there with pancakes, and I won a four-volume set of Harry Potter books in the raffle. All in all, it was a good morning.

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