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Sat, 28 Jan 2006

I went to an open house of the new incarnation of the school where I went K-8.
They leveled the campus and replaced it with a monolithic structure. The new layout has very limited access, unlike the old one, which was designed by Addison Mizner back in the 1920's, long before Clebold and Harris made "lockdown" an acceptable word in elementary schools. Inside the new rooms are great. They are big and open and clean and filled lightly colored wooden furniture. And there are computers. Linda liked the art room, but she thought that the solid-looking wooden stools would eventually split. She likes her metal stools better, although I think I remember her saying how hard it was to get a maintanance guy to weld the legs back on when they broke off. The President of the PTA showed me and Linda and my mom around.

We saw the art room first. Then a couple classrooms, then the music room and the cafeteria. We had bake sales and fundraisers the entire time I was there, trying to get money to air condition the cafeteria. That's the cafeteria where the Cub Scouts met, and where the rummage sale was, and the PTA meetings. We would take standardized tests there sometimes.

We finished up in the media center. That's where the food was. We talked with the principal for a while, and with Kerry's friend who supervised construction. The library that I remember had murals painted on the walls. I don't know anything about them, but I remember them pretty clearly, and they looked like the WPA art I later learned was made in the 1930's, which would be the right time for the school. It is a nice facility.

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