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Thu, 05 Jan 2006

I did okay at the Crappy Christmas Gift Exchange this year.
I came home with a rum cake. Well, I didn't actually come home with it, because I ate it there. The CCGE is John's annual event where you bring the worst gift you received, and put it into one of those gift exchange / white elephant things. I brought the gift I received at the frisbee party, which was four coffee mugs and some strawberry candles. It actually got stolen a couple times. Linda took the oil and vinegar bottles her mom gave her, and Rob took a ceramic dish shaped like a sombrero that I found in my attic. Rob ended up with the coolest gift of all: a flying cow.

John had a video projector set up in the back yard, so we all watched a local surf movie before getting to the exchange. You can see the back yard, me looking a little stunned by the flash, and Rob with his new cow.

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