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Sat, 07 Jan 2006

I got my first swamp buggy ride last weekend.
As part of Alex's job he has a swamp buggy at his disposal. There was a lot of jostling to get on board when Alex said he was giving rides, but Jim managed to get a good seat.

The light was good, with that golden hour sunlight lasting for nearly the entire ride. I took the opportunity to shoot a bunch of pictures of Alex as he drove. He's got a sort of Johnny Cash look to him here. Or maybe it's not-fat-Elvis.

Here's one more sequence of photos. The third one is what I was trying for, but for whatever reason, Alex's face is really posterized/solarized. I think it's a failing of the camera phone. I'd pay some bucks for a phone with a truly decent camera built into it. The fourth photo is almost as good, and there is no posterization effect.

Alex finally stopped so we could see a baby alligator in some shallow water. I took the opportunity to jump off and get some shots of the buggy itself. Then we headed back to camp, with a nice sunset off to the west.

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