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Fri, 06 Jan 2006

There was quite the bonfire at Alex's New Year's Eve party.
It was a burn pile collected from that year's hurricane brush. It wasn't as big as last year's, but it was still big. Here's a photo of it not long after it was lit, followed by shots of Rob and Dean. That flash really blinds people if it's too close.

The people running the burn pile had a front-end loader that they used to push the fire around. It made a lot of sparks and looked really cool.

Linda had made some ceramic pieces with the kids a couple days before. She put them inside a coffee can with the lid wired on, and asked the head fire guy to put the can inside the fire. The fire should reach an 1800 F heat, which would fire the pieces. The next day she fished the can back out of the fire. Most of the pieces survived, and looked pretty good.

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