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Tue, 02 May 2006

Margy (High Bush) was in town last week.
And she brought her Melanie Griffith-looking neighbor, whose name I forget (sorry). That's her in the second photo. Margy is in the first photo, but you already know that, or why would you be reading this?

We first saw them at Clematis, along with a bunch of other hashers and hasher kids. They had a pool going on how long it would take Melanie to fall off her platform sandals. I think the winning time was around four hours.

Then on Saturday there was a party at Sue's house. Sue is a volunteer at Linda's school; I'm not sure how she knows Margy. But I bet there is a story there. The party was a lot of fun. It was (probably) the last cool night until November, so there was a fire going, and we toasted marshmallows with the kids until they all fell asleep. Then we all sat around and talked for a couple more hours. Bye Margy! Come back and visit soon. Or maybe we should go up there.

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