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Wed, 04 Jan 2006

I found a couple more pictures of the Christmas gift-opening orgy.
There's a couple here of Sydney annoying Joshua while he uses his PSP or his mini-Nintendo, or whatever the heck it is.

And here's a couple of Sydney as she inspects my new weed whacker, while my dad and aunt look on approvingly.

These are the very first shots taken with my new phone camera flash attachment. Unfortunately I got too close, and they are sort of washed out, but you can still tell that's Julie taking some pictures of her own.

Then I headed of to Linda's mom's house, and got a shot of her, and a shot of Raja, who was sleeping on the terrazo as he tried to keep cool.

Finally, a couple of my dad as he carves the Christmas turkey. I think these would have been great shots, if they had not been washed out again by the flash. I'm still learning to use the flash.

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