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Wed, 11 Jan 2006

The house painting effort is well under way.
I posted here previously about building (okay, assembling) a shed in the backyard to hold all of the stuff previously in the carport. Part of the impetus for the shed was so we could paint the house. Actually, my dad's worker Jim is painting the house. He's slow, but he's cheap. He's been on it for 68 hours now, and he's mostly done. The only thing remaining is some of the trim, and some touchup work. About 15%. Unfortunately Jim gets really slow when he's not supervised. Either Linda and/or I were home until last Friday, and we could keep an eye on him. His production over the last two days had been pretty poor. I think we're going to let him go, and finish it ourselves over the weekend. I'd really rather pay him to do it, but I don't want to pay him to not do it. If that makes any sense.

Here's a shot of the color sample. We settled on Sundrenched, which is the one on the bottom. I'll post pictures of the house later.

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