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Sun, 09 Sep 2007

I got some more house pictures.
I was supposed to meet Chris there to do some measurements, but he couldn't make it, so I just wandered around taking pictures and looking at possibilities. His guys cleaned out the pole barn today, and found this riding mower. It's never been run. It isn't even completely assembled.

Here you can see the two-car garage, with attached apartment. The garage is of course what has my interest. It even comes with a compressor (may require some small maintenance).

It's got well water. There's city water also, but the well water will help to irrigate the yard into an oasis.

The apartment is attached to the garage. It's a 1/1. It's covered with that T1-11 siding (or however you spell it), but the siding seems to be in good shape. There's no interior shots because all of the doors and windows are boarded up to keep out the homeless.

The town hall is directly behind the garage and apartment. Do you think they'll notice if we don't pull permits? Apparently they are just happy that someone is finally cleaning up the place after fifteen years. There's a nice ball field next to the town hall.

The pole barn is almost certainly coming down. Actually, there's no almost about it. What hasn't rotted has been eaten by termites. It's rustic, in a filthy, trash-strewn sort of way.

Here's two shots of the complete garage/aparment structure, with the pole barn gleaming next to it. You can see the vast expanse of yard. You may say rutted, weed-covered dust bowl, but I say... go-cart track. There's also the start of a nice tire collection piled up next to the fence.

Here's the house from the rear, and the front. I think it's got curb appeal, don't you?

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