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Tue, 14 Mar 2006

We set a new jello shot record last Friday: 1600 shots.
This was in preparation for the St. Patrick's Day parade the next afternoon. It took a lot of work, and that was on top of building the float for the parade. When I arrived the kitchen crew was hard at work, CA was loading the shots in the refrigerator, and P-rick was supervising.

There was a propane burner set up outside to boil water in a really big pot. Once the water was boiled Mama would mix in the jello and vodka, and then start filling the shot cups.

AI was anxiously observing as the refrigerator got fuller and fuller. We just kept packing them in. There were a lot of empty cheap vodka bottles on the counter. I don't know what the total vodka requirement was.

We finally finished about 11:00 pm. We had prepared 1600 shots for the next day's festivities. The fridge was packed about as full as it would go. And Plop was happy.

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