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Sun, 16 Apr 2006

The 2006 South Florida Hash Award ceremony was held on Saturday night.
Me and C. stopped to pick up PH, CC and SF on the way down to Miami. We had all opted to skip the run portion of the day's events, and just do the food and the awards.

We finally got to south Miami, and headed east on the Rickenbacker Causeway to the old Marine Stadium. There was nobody in sight, but we did find a parking lot of hash vehicles, and a cooler full of beer that someone had thoughtfully left behind. We hung around for a while, more lost hashers appeared, and eventually SotB appeared to lead all of us to Jimbos. Jimbos was a colorful place near the water. I don't know the story behind it, but it has the look of one of those places that was grandfathered in, like the Biscayne Bay stilt houses. A location like that should really be a 30 story condominium instead of a simple place where you can go to get a beer and sit outside.

There were lots of hashers we hadn't seen for a while, but the most shocking of all was... Blowhoe. He was in town for a while. He moved from Hollywood, Fl a couple years ago, to Hollywood, CA. He is now appearing as a rapping roller skater. Check him out at We took lots of photos for his site.

Then it was time for the group shot. Someone, possibly Jimbo himself, climbed up on a table to get the shot. The crowd was encouraging for a while, but began to mock him when he took way too long to get it done.

One the way out I took a moment to appreciate this monument to the VW bug.

Back at the parking lot, the circle commenced. We matched up Blowhoe's girl-of-the-day with another young hasher. They did a co-down-down, but despite plenty of encouragement, would not fight or kiss.

There were plenty of other down-downs as well, although S&Minator was not able to stay awake for them. Horshack did have a nice drinking vessel, and Itsy pants were just a masculine as ever. Which is to say, not at all.

Then the party moved inside for food, beer, and the awards ceremony. I stopped taking pictures around then. There were twenty awards given out, for all kinds of things, like Rookie of the Year (DBK), and Best Ranger (CA). It was a grand time. There were some skits, too, including one with me in the cast. Fortunately you don't have to see me in a bikini top, but check out P-rick and Yeast. Then they ran us out of there for the Latin Disco Party.

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