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Wed, 21 Dec 2005

NFHN Sean got his name last night.
It was a pretty good trail, with two beer stops. The turnout was a little light, possibly due to the cold (55 degrees F). I didn't remember to wear the GPS, so I don't have a map of the trail. All I have is my fearless prediction from the day before. If someone sends me an XML export from their GPS I'll generate a map and put it up.

Here's a picture of Stinky at the first beer stop. I was using a rudimentary lighting technique called "shine the flashlight in her face". It sort of worked. Gee, I hope I get a flash for my camera phone for Christmas.

And here's Sean, post-trail, but pre-name. There's a shot of Stinky in the light, plus two shots of the returning pack. They walked back from the second beer stop.

Here's a dim shot of Sean sitting on the ice. It looked pretty cold while he was doing it. Oh, and henceforth and forevermore he will be known as ... "Dirty Buttkiss".

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