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Sun, 27 Nov 2005

Linda's birthday hash-pub-crawl went really well.
About 30 people showed up, including a bunch of virgins. Some of the virgins were her cow-orkers, and some were really virgins. Circumspector had provided numbered bandannas for everyone, which she used as raffle tickets. Every so often she would stop the festivities and have another drawing for a prize. I myself won a small bottle of tequila. We went to three different drinking establishments, including one that I had never seen before, called Margarita's. I think it is sort of like Brigadoon, and only comes out on Circumspector's birthday. The circle went well, with me and my 12" glow stick leading the ceremonies. The most attractive of the female virgins put on a brief gymnastic act for us. Then we all retired to the Dirty Dwarf for some scotch eggs.

Oh, and nobody has yet sent in any donations for a flash for my camera phone, so some of the pictures are a little dark.

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