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Sat, 17 Jun 2006

Me and HIV ran with the Atlanta hash today.
That's hash number five on my quest to run with all of the area hashes while I'm up here. Although I just heard today about the Bear Creek hash, which means I have another one to cross off. But I digress.

Today's hash was hared by Coffee Bean, aka Headlock. It was at some closed strip mall off Howell Mill Rd. There was a pretty good crowd as we walked up. Soon Bean began to give the chalk talk and demonstrate his marks. Nothing out of the ordinary. Then people went back to running their mouths for a while, and then we were off.

Surprisingly, the marks did look just like Bean's examples. We were running through some sort of construction site. You can see the army virgin dude (or maybe he was a marine) running ahead of me.

Then we did some railroad track, and a creek, and all too soon we were at the beer stop. The beer stop was at someone's house. Bean brought out the good beer (Heineken) and gave directions for the second half, and pretty soon we were off again.

The second half was something of a blur, although the photographic record shows that we ran past some kind of transformer substation or something. In the second shot you can see HIV trying to match my blistering pace.

And then something really strange happened to the trail. Bean's marks had been easy to follow all day, so when we came to a check that had only a YBF off of it, and nothing else, we were really confused. The pack looked and looked, with no luck. Finally Bean himself showed up, and said that the YBF was really a BN(?) and gave us directions to the end.

At the end (which was at a pool) we got the full story. While laying trail Bean had encountered a fat girl, who told him he was on private property (he wasn't) and to stop throwing flour (he didn't). He explained the hash to her, wrote the BN, and left. Apparently she then went inside, Google'd the hash, read up on the marks, and then came back outside and wrote a YBF just past the BN. Beeyatch.

It was nice hanging out at the pool, and the actual residents there didn't take too much offense to us. You can see, from left, Bean showing how high he can raise his arm, Assh*le talking about the glory days, army/marine dude looking on (he didn't say much) and some hasher with man boobs (didn't get the name). Good times.

Finally the circle was called to order. Some bimbo whose name I forget (but it wasn't Skin Flute) did a nice job of running things and singling out the private partiers. Me and two hashers from Texas (forgot names) were recognized as visitors, and HIV paid the price for being away for too long (lots of others also). Then some random down-downs, and then the naming of the airline pilot guy. What kind of name is "John Denver"? Just because John Denver killed himself in an experimental plane? Whatever.

Then some beers, volleyball, and warnings from someone from the apartment complex. Following that, Bean fit 10 of us into his minivan for the ride back to the cars. I didn't think Surly was going to fit, but he did. Then we completed the complex shuttling process, and me and HIV went home to celebrate Father's Day with his kids.

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