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Thu, 25 May 2006

I laid a successful trail in the north county tonight.
Despite the naysayers who said that nobody would come. We had three new guys. Well, two new guys, and one who claimed to be a certified underwater naval technician. There were about fifteen people total. I had scouted a complete trail on the drive up, but as soon as I started I found some cool canals and shiggy that I liked much better. So I changed the trail. And it was for the better. Although as I was phoning Circumspector the beer truck driver to change the start location I was caught by AI. But he was later disqualified for leaving two minutes early. The dirty cheater.

You can see that my trail prediction doesn't match reality at all.

The second half of the trail was even better. There were no alligator attacks. And we made it through the projects unscathed. Yeast agreed to run the circle, and he did a fine job. He made sure the new hashers did their down-downs properly. And that the hare got the respect he so richly deserved.

Then Doofus White Boy showed up, representing the Palatka hash. Yeehaw.

The on-after was at the new Quarterdeck, where Dribble ruminated, and AI showed us the contents of his mouth. We ate and drank, and then went home.

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