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Thu, 18 May 2006

NFHN Bobby got named at tonight's hash.
Plus he got to sit his bare butt on a block of ice for a while. These are both experiences available only at the hash. Although I guess you could get your own piece of ice. We started in the parking lot of the Winn-Dixie. Nobody bothered us. The turnout was small at first, but grew to about 30 by the time we left. It was a completely pre-laid trail, with Stinky Pinky as the senior hare advisor.

The first half was a long one, as you can see by the GPS track. You can also see that it was nothing like my prediction. The beer check was at the Blue Cricket, which was happy to see us. And the hares bought lots of pitchers there. We even sang a birthday song to the manager. But eventually it was time to go, so we did.

The hares had warned us that there was a second beer check. Some of us had a hard time finding it. Apparently it was in the parking lot behind the rib place. So eventually everyone collected back at the start, and we got the circle started. AI had been thoughtful enough to freeze a bucket full of ice for the hare to sit on, so we got Bobby parked. We did all the usual stuff, and then got started picking out a name for Bobby. The only overpowering fact was that he loves his electronic organ, a Hammond B3. In fact, he won't shut up about it. That, plus the fact that he didn't actually lay any flour on the trail (Stinky did all the work) got him the name of... "Dry Organ". Yay. He was happy to get off the ice.

So the on-after was at Tree's Wings, but I went home instead.

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