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Mon, 15 May 2006

We were back at the bowling alley again for last week's hash.
You know, the one in Lantana we always go to. This was CA and Veal Chop's run. There was some talk of a renaming for VC, but nothing came of it. For some reason, there was quite a turnout. Over 40 people showed up, which required CA to put out more beer at the halfway point. The trail was really good for that area, starting off along the waterfront, and then heading west into the AG Holley sanatorium, where the beer check was. There was also an irate security guard in a golf cart. She kept urging us to leave, telling us she had called the police, and ordering us to go out the way we came in. Unfortunately for her, the trail led out a different way. We were just about to leave, when we saw the police cars coming toward us. Fortunately for us, the trail led in the other direction, so we bolted that way. We got off the AG Holley property, just in time to meet another Lantana police officer. He was a sargeant, and very nice about the whole thing. He was mostly interested in out what the white powder was. Once we told him it was flour he relaxed, and explained that they had gotten some calls. He also told us that people were nervous because 666 was coming up -- June 6, 2006. Scary.

We made it back to the start without further incident, and had a rocking good circle. No renaming for Veal Chop. Then on to the new Lantana Ale House, which was not bad at all. We did have to put up with Itsy demo'ing his new shorts. Note the artfully placed hand in the crotch.

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