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Mon, 08 May 2006

I'm finally posting DBK's storm hash.
It was a couple weeks ago, on 4/26/06. It was down in Boynton, in a bank parking lot, and there was a good turnout. We got our chalk talk instructions, and DBK set off, but there were some gathering storm clouds. Just before it was time to go, the heavens opened up, and we all ran for shelter under the the bank's drive-through overhang. It just kept storming. After a while Addadichtomy drove up, and then two guys in a Miata pulled in to get out of the rain (I don't know why they didn't just put the top up). Finally the rain let up some, and we went out on trail. Of course all of the markings had washed away, so we ran around aimlessly for a while until someone in the know let it slip that the halfway point would be the Boynton Ale House. So we all ran in that direction, and eventually we came across fresh, dry flour, and ultimately, the hare. He led us on to the beer check, which was near, but not at the Ale House. Eventually the pack continued on to the Ale House, which was the second stop, and we spent some time there. After we were sufficiently relaxed we finished up with a slow walk back to the cars from the Ale House, then a nice circle, and then off to our respective homes.

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