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Sun, 09 Apr 2006

The Reggae Hash was better than ever this year!
At least that's what I heard, since I didn't go last year. We all met up in the Head's back yard (where did we meet last year?). Lots of hashers from down south, including the one-and-only OP.

The first half was a familiar one, since it was in Lake Worth. We went east, south, west, north, and then east over the bridge. The beer check was under the east end of the bridge. It was hot, but there was plenty of coconut with lime in it to cool everybody down. On the way back we timed things just right for a quick like-down in the street.

The second half went pretty much straight back to the Head's house. Which was find with the pack. Then the knife came out. I had given OP and GH a ride to the St. Paddy's Day hash, and afterward I found this nasty-looking Gerber in my car. I asked both OP and GH about it, but they denied knowing anything about it. GH grabbed the knife for himself, though, and began threatening OP with it. I'm sure it was all in good fun.

After we got the knife put away, the down-downs began. Yeast had set up a whole bunch of Red Stripe in cups to facilitate the process. The circle virgin (Nicole?) did a nice job on her down-down, although we only got a joke and not a body part. Lots more down-downs followed.

Plenty of standing around in the sun. GH kept his new knife close at hand.

There was even a new song for the occasion. Yeast had printed up copies of it and handed them around, and we all joined in.

Eventually we adjourned to the front of the house to watch GH ride his bike. Amazingly, no one was hurt. The hashers that were motivated wandered on down to the park where Reggae Fest was playing, to party on into the night, and some others of us just headed on home.

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