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Thu, 30 Mar 2006

P-rick set another trail on Wednesday.
This was (I think) his fourth one, but it was probably his worst. He made the classic mistake of going way too long between marks. Add to that him using GH as a co-hare, and you have the recipe for disaster. I still would have been okay, except I ended up with a virgin hasher and an NFHN hasher. The virgin was pretty slow, and was walking by the end. After we had done six miles we finally got to where the beer check had been, but the pack had already left. Fortunately, at just that moment, Circumspector called to see where the hash was. So I asked her to come and pick us up and take us to the end. And she did. So the circle was okay, but there was a lot of P-rick abuse.
My GPS died after about a mile, because I forgot to charge it up, but I filled in the trail by hand. The pink is the GPS track, and the yellow is what I drew in. The start was at Run and Roll. AI was there, and he was ready to run.

These are the two hashers I was on trail with. I think they'll keep coming back. Although all of the pictures I had of the girl were of her sitting down resting. And finally a shot of the pack before the circle, as they dreamed up accusations against P-rick.

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