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Mon, 27 Mar 2006

I finally made it to a Whip It Out at the Ballgame hash.
At least I made the Ballgame part. Me and C. were doing yard work, so we missed the actual running part. I bet it was fun, though. We got there just in time to meet the hashers on top of the parking garage. And P-rick had a couple of extra tickets for us. Cool. The group wandered over and into the stadium, where we meet RedBushwhacker and his lovely wife. And some other Treasure Coast hashers. We all had seats in the bleachers, where we would watch the Marlins and the Reds play ball. It was really a nice day. Yeast and Nurse were already in the bleachers, and so were CA and Amy. We all had the obligatory hash shirts on.

There were some interesting people sitting next to us. I think they came on a really short bus. Anyway, we watched the Marlins thrash the Reds by a score of 6-1 or so. (I wasn't really paying a lot of attention). We had more fun singing "Staying Alive" everytime a Marlins batter got two strikes on him. The Reds fan sitting a couple rows ahead of us taught us the song.

Once the game was over we made our way back to the cars. Along the way a happy, jolly P-rick agreed to be the guest voice on the hash hotline. Here he is in the studio, recording his PSA.

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