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Thu, 23 Mar 2006

Last night's hash was a Bootlicker special.
And by that I mean an uninspired trail with a lot of beer. So it was a good thing overall. The runners could tell something was up when Boot kept juming and hawing during the chalk talk. Finally it became clear that the evening's entertainment was to be a pub crawl, but there would be a run first.

The run was everything I expected it would be: short, straight, and laid from a car. Well, I'm not sure it was laid from a car, but the checks were all at intersections and the marks were all in driveways. I didn't get a chance to examine Boot's car, but I bet there was flour on the steering wheel. After a three mile box run we arrived back at the shopping center where we started, to find a strange looking mark with three arrows. Nobody could figure it out, so we just went to the closest bar, where, surprise, the first beer check was. Boot doesn't like draft beer, so we stood around swilling Bud longnecks until it was time to go. Boy was that a loud jukebox. Boot didn't want any pictures.

Then on to the Peruvian restaurant for stop number two. They didn't speak a lot of English there, but Boot managed to make himself understood and get a beer for everyone. That new hasher with the fourteen names explained that they don't speak Peruvian in Peru, but instead they speak Spanish. Is that crazy or what? I wonder where they speak Peruvian?

The third stop of the evening was John D's, which used to be a craphole out on Okeechobee with some local character. Now it's just a craphole in a strip mall. We all had fried food and beer. Mmm. And then we went home. As I was going to my car I saw the hasher with all the names lurking in the parking lot.

Epilogue: I woke up about 3 am to violently expel the chicken wings I had at John D's. I thought it might just be me, but SMD said the same thing happened to him. How can you screw up chicken wings?

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