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Wed, 15 Mar 2006

The St. Patricks's Day parade reached a new high this year.
We passed out nearly 1800 jello shots to the crowd (we had to save some for ourselves). I don't know the total hash attendance, but there were 50 people on the RSVP list. Plus OP came. The first I knew about OP was when he called me from the TriRail. He had met up with Mike and Mike's kid Andy, who were coming up to meet me and ride down to the parade together. OP wanted to know if he could come too? I said sure, and picked them all up. Andy got to sit up front, Mike and OP were in the back. We stopped by my house to regroup, and so OP could get a beer. Andy tried out the chopper project, and Mike wore his hat.

Soon enough it was time to go. Oddly, Circumspector opted to take her own car and not ride with us. Good thing, too, since GH called soon after we left, and asked for a ride. We picked him up and I made him sit in the back with OP and Mike. On our way out of Lake Worth I was checking out the hottie washing her car, when I realized it was the Head. I backed up, and she came over and talked to us for a minute. She didn't even throw the soapy water on us!

Only a few minutes further on we had to stop for gas and more beer. And OP had to use the bathroom. If you look right in the center of the first photo you can see him facing the camera and doing his dirty little business. The cops checked us out pretty carefully as we got onto I-95, but didn't detain us.

Things were hopping once we got to the start of the hash. HalfLife was showing off his new teeth, and GH was bending over in preparation for something. Bootlicker was hanging on the float to stay vertical. We had to use a field expedient to get the inital "ON" on the foot, after finding that one of the feet had blown off on the 70 mph drive down. But eventually we all assembled for the money group shot.

The hash itself was uneventful, marked only by the eight phone calls from Mike asking, "Where are you?". We were near the train tracks, he was on the train track, and all he had to do was go north. For some reason that was not possible. At least Circumspector got Plop's head painted.

After the hash we and the float made our way to the assembly point, where we stood around for 30 or 40 minutes waiting for some organization. We made good use of the time by passing out jello shots to everyone around us.

Pretty soon we were under way. We were behind a big ladder truck full of firemen, and in front of a police bagpipe band. What a perfect location for the hash! There were some exotic dancers in a car not too far behind. We saw DumpsterDiver in his Gumby costume along the parade route.

The circle went well. The center of attention was the office chair. It was very popular. Much beer was drunk.

We close with these shots of Princess trying to cool off. I think I like the first one best, but I just couldn't decide. So I present them all here for your perusal.

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