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Thu, 02 Mar 2006

We had three (3) virgins at the Wednesday night hash.
I am really liking this infusion of new blood. Plus Itsy's slutty girlfriend came back out, plus NFHN Chris and several other unnamed people returned. There was a little confusion about the start location, since the street sign was down, and "turn left just before the RR tracks" was not clear enough for some people, but we still had 23 people show up. Including Kunta Kinte.

I had a good time laying the trail. The begining looped back around past the start. I always like doing that. And every check had at least one bad trail, and often had two. On the first half I got to the beer check with about ten minutes to spare. On the second half I didn't throw as many checks, and I could hear the pack behind me. I got in about two minutes before the FRBs.

The beer check was at the Clubhouse Pub (good guess, Yeast). They weren't expecting us, but they quickly rallied and provided us with pitchers and cups. The owner did emphasize that I should call first next time. I like the rules they have posted in the bathroom. Especially the last line.

The circle went pretty well. Things were moving right along, but we could see the concerned neighbors standing about a block away, talking on their cell phones. Eventually the two police cars showed up and made a pass by with their spotlights. Eatapus was elected to talk with them, and he must have done a good job, as he came back and reported that the cop had said, "I'm not going to tell you to leave, but could you keep it down?". Yay WPBPD! We did keep it down, a little, and pretty soon we wrapped it all up. But not before awarding a name to Itsy's slutty girlfriend. She had been referring to herself as Nurse Jellyfinger(?), but we annointed her [no, I'm not going to write that in a family-oriented blog]. Then the circle ended, the pack went off to Flannigans for some nourishing fried food, and I went home. The end.
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