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Sun, 26 Feb 2006

Pub crawl in Lake Worth!
With the Head as our mistress of ceremonies. We met at her house, where she had lots of cheap beer stockpiled. Itsy was there, of course, but also two people I haven't seen for a while: OP and SumBitch. We couldn't tell which one was shorter, so we had them stand back-to-back, and SumBitch won by about an inch.

Lots more people showed up, and we got underway. The first stop was the Hawaiian cafe on the corner of Lake and J Street. There were two Hawaiian guys playing guitar, and two wahines dancing what looked to be an authentic hula. And the Head bought pitchers for us. There was also a freaky dude with some prison tatts, and a guy who had a stuffed dragon on his shoulder.

The streets were full, as it was the weekend of the Street Painting Festival. As we made our way to the next stop I saw a guy drawing a frame from Calvin and Hobbes. There was lots and lots of other artwork as well.

Second stop was Ray's, where we were able to stand in the alley beside the bar and have them bring pitchers out to us. NotHung arrived, SN showed us how she could stretch her arm like Dr. Octopus, and Itsy's slutty girlfriend showed up. Oh, and OP was still there.

The next destination was the Lizard Bar, but I took a detour to see my friend Sheldon. He was working with his friend Doug. Doug's a marine artist, and he had a pretty good marlin going. Or maybe it was a sailfish.

I said my goodbyes, and headed to the Lizard, but I was interrupted by a dog fight. It was a miniature dog fight, between two miniature dogs. They got all tangled up, and there was a lot of yapping, but no blood. One of the owners did have nice thong, though.

The Lizard was hopping. There were two singer/guitarists, doing singalong songs. So we sang along. And danced. More beer, and more dancing. Sheldon stopped by for a bit.

I don't have any more photos, but from what I remember it went:
GH's house for a safety meeting
AI's house for some homebrew
The Head's house for Big Light and a lengthy circle
And so on

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