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Thu, 23 Feb 2006

Two thumbs up for the super-secret beer check!
Yeast promised, and he delivered. The hash started at Forest Hill and Military. No GPS map, because I forgot my GPS (d'oh). I do have my prediction map, though. There was a good turnout, over 20 people. Trail was pretty good, mucho off-road, and lots of canal banks. And then there was the SSBC, which turned out to be a combination laundromat/bar. I'd heard of these, but never seen one.

We hung out in the laundromat for a bit, and then set off for the second half of the trail. The first half was 3.3 miles, and the second half was closer to 1.5 miles. The pack finished pretty much as a whole, with DBK and visitor PS Knave fighting for the win. PS bears a striking resemblance to Biko, and the two of them had to drink for it. The lens was dirty for the first shot, so you don't get the full separated-at-both effect, but trust me.

GH did his patented "awesome" song, and Eatapus (happy mode) was there in full flight's regalia. When he says "This is your captain speaking", it makes you want to put your tray table and chair in the full upright position. The on-after was at the Wing Hut, but I skipped that to go home and watch the ice dancing on the Olympics.

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