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Thu, 09 Feb 2006

We ran the mountain bike trail at Dyer Park.
I was the hare, because it seemed like a good idea several weeks earlier. It wasn't too tough, because I work nearby. I stopped by the ABC store for some beer on the way. I got Milwaukee's Finest, Milwaukee's Finest Light, and Milwaukee's Finest Ice. And some crappy beer, too. I've ridden the bike trail many times, so I didn't actually do any preparation other than looking at a map.
One of the first hashers to arrive was a vision from the past -- Chicken Choker. He said he still remembered how to hash. Then Dry Hump from Boca, the Head, and CA.

I like to think of this picture as "Before and After".

Here's NGB desperately digging through the cooler in search of something acceptable to drink, and CA digging in his ear for, well, I don't know what.

The trail itself went well. I ran the first loop right past the cars, just after the pack had left. I forgot to turn on the GPS for the first part of trail, but I filled it in on the map. DBK almost caught me, as did Yeast. The second half was across some wide fields full of owls.

We held the circle out on the sideline of the ultimate frisbee field. We attracted a couple players who came for a beer while they were out of the game. Chicken Choker kept going back and forth between the field and the circle. CA had a lot of trail debris on his pants. Good down-downs by everyone, including Action Man(!).

GH left his hat lying around, so I kept filling it up with chips, and Ayla kept eating them. GH eventually drove off without his hat, and had to ransom it back at the bar.

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