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Wed, 01 Feb 2006

CA laid the first annual Groundhog Day hash. Again.
It was a good solid trail tonight. He confounded the hash predictions, by not crossing the bridges over the barrier island, and also by not crossing I-95 in two different places. He did cross I-95 (which means I won the over/under), but he came back over the same bridge. And then a surprise ending at Ralph & Rosies. There was a visiting hasher (Action Man!) from the mother hash in Malaysia, and his wife, who said she was with the London hash. We were concerned that Action Man might be there to report back on the CBH4, so we tried to give him a good circle. Caminito was there for the start, and the circle, but oddly, not the beer check? AI ran a good circle, and never lost control. Possibly a first.

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