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Sun, 08 Jan 2006

Nice Saturday evening trail by CumAgain in downtown Lake Worth tonight.
It came together nicely after some discussion on the new hash forum . We met at the WAMU, which had been robbed that morning. We couldn't find any money laying around the parking lot, so we just drank the beer that Yeast had brought. There was some Heineken hidden down at the bottom of the cooler. We had Stray Dog visiting from Alabama, and a bunch of Miami and Ft Lauderdale hashers. Alabama Slammer never showed up. But Itsy was there.

So the trail was a typical Lake Worth one, until we found ourselves on the golf course. There were marks by the clubhouse, and then the trail just disappeared. I ran around the clubhouse twice before I realized that there were hashers looking out at me from the inside. CumAgain had arranged to have the beer check in the bar there. There were a bunch of hashers drinking beer inside where it was warm.

I got a nice picture of someone's finger. And Circumspector and the walkers arrived. The barmaid was very nice, and gave Teflon her phone number. Can you make it out? Eventually it was time to go.

We arrived back at the WAMU for the circle. The circle was good. I'm surprised at how well my prediction matched the trail. I think I'm getting better at this. Then we went to South Shore, where I traded my gloves for a pitcher of Sam Adams. Food and football, and then we went home.

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