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Tue, 31 Jan 2006

Vigin Dick laid Sunday's bike hash after running 26 miles in the Miami Marathon.
It was a lot of fun to ride around Coconut Grove. Grouchypus was there, and so was Hummer and Gator. Grouchy had already run the half-marathon, but he had plenty of energy. And Hummer and Gator and the rest of us had been passing out the beer at the hash beer stop at mile 22, so we had been handling beers since 7:30 am.

Stop the Bus had given away all the hash beer at the beer stop, as well as all the beer he had bought for the beer stop, so we needed to resupply. But apparently in Miami you can't buy beer on Sunday until noon. So while we waited we watched Virgin Dick model the latest in flour-laying accessories, and get ready to lay trail.

We watched him prepare some more.

He had some difficulty getting everything set just right.

So we kept waiting and watching.

Eventually VD and Stop were ready to go.

The next hour or so was a long trail through Coconut Grove, and possibly other parts of Miami. VD was laying trail with a single bag of flour, so marks were sparse. Eventually Tuna revealed that she knew the name of the park where the beer check was, but not the location. Fortunately Minator did the location, so he guided the pack there.

It was a nice park, right on the water. The auto-hashers were there, as were two hashers who had managed to follow trail (Gator? and someone else). Eventually Itsy showed up, as did ASA.

We did bike maintenance, rehydrated, critiqued the trail, and eventually got ready to complete the trail.

VD and STB saddled up (with a fresh bag of flour) and took off. We gave them three or minutes, and went after them. We finally caught up with them at Taste of the Grove, or something like that. It was a big food and music fest. The pack didn't stay long, but ASA and I saw a Vietnamese food tent, and got some curried chicken and noodles. Mmmm.

When ASA and I arrived back at the house the circle was in full swing. If by full swing you mean sitting in chairs in the shade, quietly singing down-down songs. We made our way through the rituals, interrupted only by a brief dog fight. There was still beer left, but finally the hash began breaking up. Chew Toy narrowly escaped a renaming to "Jew Toy", but escape he did. We loaded up and drove back up to Palm Beach.

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