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Sat, 15 Apr 2006

Rob got himself a new Ruger Mk III pistol.
It's a .22 pistol so he can do cheap target shooting. If you're not familiar with these (I wasn't) Ruger has been making them in various versions since 1949. This one has a fluted bull barrel, which should make it more accurate. It also has an amazing amount of safety features. It comes with a little hex-type key that will lock the safety in the "safe" position. It has a magazine disconnect so it won't fire without a magazine inserted. And it has a chamber loaded indicator so you can tell if there's a round in the chamber. The internal workings must be pretty complex. At one point Rob pulled out the "jackknife" style breakdown mechanism in the grip, but then he couldn't get it back together. There was something rattling around in there, and he had to fiddle with it for a while. Eventually he got it working, and we went off to try it out.

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