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Wed, 14 Jun 2006

The 26th annual Tour de Bar was last weekend.
I had expected to miss it, but at the last moment I had to fly home for a job interview. Go AirTran! As usual, we all met at the Brass Ring Pub. Well, Steve performed a subtle editing job on the name of the bar. Alex rode with us, and Alan showed up just before we left the first bar.

The second bar, as usual, was Betty Ann's. There were a lot of bikes parked in front of the Winn Dixie across the street. And Sheepdipper was there! And some other guy I didn't know.

There was quite a crowd in front of Betty Ann's. AAA was there with the guy I didn't know. Soon enough it was time to make the move to the next bar. As we did, the police finally showed up and told us to move the bikes from in front of the store. "No problem, officer."

The third stop (as usual) was the Island Liquor Store and Lounge. I saw Brandon there for the first time. There was piggy back riding for the ladies. And then some other ladies got up on the bar and started rubbing against each other. Brandon looked happier after that.

Fourth stop (did I lose count?) was the Sailfish Marina. Vince got a shot of the crowd departing. But then everyone had to get over the bridge. Almost everyone did, except for the guy I passed who was standing there with the cops and the rescue truck and the blood running down his leg. Apparently he stood up on the pedals to get make it up the bridge, the chain snapped, and something bad happened to his knee. At least Steve made it over. You can see me dropping him like a Seinfeld-alum television show.

Eventually we made it to the marina lounge. Lots of bikes once again. The bikes weren't arranged as neatly as before, and the crowd noise had grown quite a bit. We were buying six packs from the ship's store, so as to avoid the higher priced drinks in the bar.

Steve met this nice girl, and wanted to pose with her in front of the Captain. Then the Captain's nephew or something came along, and snatched her away. After that is where we made our discreet getaway. We had to get to GH's birthday hash that evening. I guess the party went on into the night at the hotel. I heard something about Alex being run out of the hotel for "borrowing" crab legs. And I hope John met up with the big beefy guys he was looking for. All in all a good time. I can't wait for next year.

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