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Sat, 21 Jan 2006

My bike tried to kill me today.
Or at least it tried to stick my seatpost up my butt. I was riding back from the race, just riding along®, when suddenly the seat fell off the post. I stopped safely and looked at, and the seat was just hanging loose, held on only by the straps of the under-seat bag. I found that the clamp bolt had broken, failing in tension. It was obviously related to the events of last week, when I asked the mechanic at the LBS to tighten in, and he really had to crank down on it. It had been tough to tighten before, so I don't think it was their fault. I replaced it with a $10 post from the LBS. I didn't think to weigh it before I installed it, so I don't know if I gained or lost weight. The replacement post was longer, and felt heavier, and wasn't a name brand like the Kore that failed, so I suspect my bike is heavier now. I'll have to find something light on eBay.

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