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Sun, 08 Jan 2006

Here's an artist's rendering of the proposed chopper modifications.
Essentially we are going to expand the triangular frame of the bike so it will fit a normal-sized adult. This will require cutting each side of the triangle, and welding in a piece of tubing. The length of the tubing will be proportional to the side of the triangle. Of course, each side of the frame is made of different sized tubing. The top tube is squashed vertically in the front and horizontally in the rear, so we will cut it right in the middle where the cross-section is circular, and weld in a circular piece of tubing. The down tube is similarly manipulated (squashed at each end) but has a different diameter in the center, so we will have to find the correct size of circular tubing for that as well. The bottom tube is oval-shaped, and is 2.5" x 1.5". I can't find that size tubing anywhere on the internet, so we are considering replacing it with either two smaller round tubes, or one rectangular tube. We also considered squashing a round tube to the same size as the oval tubing, but that would be lot of work to get right.

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