Here's a shot of me and Dean's race car. The color looks really
bad. I can't decide if it's the processing (Publix) or if I left
the film in my hot car too long (probably). I played around with
correcting the color digitally, but I don't actually know what I'm
doing, so it didn't work.

Here's a shot from the side. This is a Formula 500 car, although
this particular one still has the Kawasaki 440 engine back from when
the class was Formula 440. Today the hot engines are either a
Rotax or an AMW. This car was built in 1991 and was a national
champion. Now it's ours, and we run it around parking lots.

This is a close-up. My butt's about two inches off the ground. The
engine is on the right side of the car, and the transmission goes
under my right knee. It's a constant velocity transmission, from
a snowmobile. It allows the engine to run at a constant rpm, so
it stays in its very narrow powerband.

Here's DeanO trying our development vehicle. We want to add a wing
and side skirts next.