Here I am waiting my turn to run. Those brake rotors are only about
half an inch smaller than the front tires. We haven't had a flat tire
yet, but it's going to be really exciting when we do. And check out
the hotty at top right. That's why we go racing!

The driver's seat. That display in the middle of the steering wheel has
speed, rpm and cylinder head temp. I can't ever recall having had time
to look at it while I was driving. The steering wheel is a quick release
type held on by a pin. DeanO says it's really disconcerting to have the
steering wheel come off in your hands during a run.

I don't know why we didn't take any shots of the right side of the car.
Notice how the number keeps changing between 61 and 64 as Dean and I take
turns driving the car. Ah, the miracle of blue duct tape.

Yeah, I know real race drivers wear driving suits, but they get real hot.
Besides, I'm pretty sure blue jeans are fireproof. Those straps on my arms
are arm restraints, so if I roll the car my arms won't hang out of the cockpit
as the car tumbles end over end at 120mph, compacting itself into a fiery
ball. It's tough being a race car driver, baby, living on the edge, staring
death in the face. What do you say we go back to my hotel room for a drink?